28 years. $9.4 million raised and distributed. 2,100 lives impacted. We are the Vail Valley Charitable Fund.

Imagine this: you are a 23-year-old who grew up in the Vail Valley, who is now attending school in Montana, and have the highest hopes and dreams for the future. Then, in the blink of an eye, you are involved in a rafting accident resulting in quadriplegia. Now place yourself in the real shoes of this young man whose name is Brian Biggs. Alongside our amazing community, the VVCF hosted an extended grant fundraiser raising $214,000 for the Biggs family to retrofit their home and purchase ADA adaptive lifestyle equipment like an all-terrain wheelchair so that Brian can experience life to the fullest within his new reality. For more on this incredible story, click here.  

We are the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, a local non-profit that has raised and distributed more than $9 million since 1996 to assist more than 2,100 families in our community just like the Biggs family who has struggled due to a medical crisis. In 2023, we supported 85 Direct Aid grants totaling $310,239; 3 families totaling $278,746 through extended grant fundraisers; and 31 children totaling $64,258 through Eagle County Smiles children’s dental program.

Our ability to make an even larger impact begins with you. These continue to be extraordinary times as we adapt to a new normal. We need you now more than ever as our community needs you now more than ever. Make a difference in the life of a local who needs it most by donating today.