paul-jan-abbott-01“As a members of our medical and educational communities for close to 25 years, we have seen firsthand the difficulties that can confront some of our friends and families due to a medical crisis. We are fortunate to have the Vail Valley Charitable Fund in our valley and grateful to those that give of themselves to help our neighbors. Through this non-profit, we can bring hope to those in our community facing seemingly impossible situations.  The VVCF embodies the truest sense of humanity in all of us. Please consider supporting the VVCF in helping others in their time of desperate need.”

Doctor Paul & Jan Abbott, Supporters of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund

“It has been 10 months since Emmy's last treatment session at Children's Hospital, and she has just received another set of clear scans! Our little ladybug's hair is growing like crazy, her energy levels are high and every day that passes since treatment is absolutely the best day. All of our spirits are through the roof getting to watch her be a regular little girl who just turned 3 years old! In other news, we are in the process of launching our very own non-profit that will be known as Emmy's Friends. Living deep in the world of treatment the last few years and having been on the receiving end of so much help and support, we look at it as our duty to give back, as soon as possible. Emmy's Friends is being designed to help young patients and their families who are facing life-threatening illnesses, receive better access to fresh and wholesome organic foods, nutritional guidance and bountiful resources for healthy living; all of the essential parts of both a thriving existence and battling sickness that are often grossly overlooked. Bridging the gap towards a healthier everyone through the best nutrition possible. We look forward to sharing more about our initiative soon. Thank you again for all of your support. We wouldn't be here today if not the love and support of our amazing community."

Much Love - The Welle Family

“The help and assistance of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund is all but impossible to describe. Being in the throes of a life-altering event is surreal at the very least. Through it all, knowing that work was being done for the Caring for Kailyn Benefit was a beacon of hope somewhere out into the future. It was an indication that things might get better. The event itself was a manifestation of love, care and support.” - Mitchell Forsberg, Principal at Gypsum Elementary School, Grant & Fundraiser Beneficiary

“We are so blessed to live in such a caring & compassionate community. The stress of a sick child is overwhelming and compounding that stress with the financial burden of excessive medical costs and unpaid time off at work is devastating. We are so grateful to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund for helping alleviate some of those immediate costs and letting our family focus on the health and well being of our children. When our newborn son was airlifted to ICU for a second time after his emergency heart surgery we knew we had great financial challenges ahead. We look forward to the opportunity to give back to this organization volunteering with our children. The VVCF is truly making a difference for our local families. When it seems like the odds are against you, it really restores your faith to have someone give you a helping hand.”

Brooke & Brett Gagnon, Grant & Fundraiser Beneficiary

“I have lived in the Vail Valley since 2002 and have served as a state trooper in the valley since 2008. I truly know what it takes to serve the community. It has always been comforting to know that the Vail Valley Charitable Fund shares the same values that I do in serving our locals. I want to thank the VVCF for all their generosity during the past 16 months of my recovery. It was a true pleasure and an amazing experience to work with them.”  - Trooper Eugene Hofacker, Grant & Fundraiser Beneficiary

Peplinski 2015"Joey grew up in the Vail Valley skiing and playing football, baseball and hockey. After finishing college in Arizona, Joey returned to the valley and started teaching. Labor Day weekend of 2014, at the age of 35, Joey suffered a heart attack. Our family was in complete shock. The Vail Valley Charitable Fund surrounded our family with such love, generosity and care. We were able to focus on Joey's recovery, rather than the stress of his medical bills. We are so thankful for what the VVCF did for our family. We will be forever grateful, and look forward to serving in this amazing organization for years to come."

Ivy & Joey Peplinski, Grant & Fundraiser Beneficiary