VVCF and VBCG join forces to provide enhanced assistance to Vail Valley locals

Edwards, CO -- After 25 years of operating as an independent non-profit, the Vail Breast Cancer Group (VBCG) will now continue under the wing of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund.

The VBCG’s mission is to help all men and women in Eagle County who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and they’ve been successfully doing so for a quarter of a century. Their efforts have included providing those diagnosed with a $500 check for a “Day-to-Play” as well as the gift of a “Shine On Bag” filled with comforting items such as a robe, book and several products to encourage the healing process. Over the years, the VBCG has donated over $1 million to Vail Health for much of the diagnostic equipment used at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center, sponsored Hike, Wine and Dine numerous times to support Jack’s Place, and financially assisted many who have been unable to pay for diagnostic tests and/or additional treatment. The VBCG also made a substantial donation to the building fund for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

“When Patti Weinstein and I founded the VBCG, we chose to keep the money raised to help only those in Eagle County,” said Brenda Himelfarb, VBCG Chair/Co-Founder. “It was very important to us that the money stay locally to support our neighbors in their time of need. In fact, the entire volunteer board functions collaboratively with no paid executive director.”

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund (VVCF) was created in 1996 to provide assistance to individuals who live and work in the Vail Valley who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a medical crisis or long-term illness. Over the past 24 years, the organization has grown significantly having raised and distributed $8.2 million to over 1,700 families in our community. On average, the VVCF provides 50 individuals and families each year with assistance to help make ends meet while undergoing treatment or recovery from a range of medical conditions. Also beneath the VVCF umbrella is Eagle County Smiles, a program that provides low- to no-cost dental care for uninsured children aged birth through 18.

“The mission of the VBCG to help locals in need syncs perfectly with the goals and direction of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund,” said VVCF Founder and Chair Rohn Robbins. “Over the last 24 years, we have been provided a substantial assistance to those in our community who have found themselves in financial stress owing to a serious medical condition. The VBCG joining forces with the VVCF will permit us to expand our granting to breast cancer patients in need in our community. We look forward to this great and productive association.”

For more information, please contact VVCF Executive Director Brooke Skjonsby at or 970-524-1480.


Avon, CO – June 29, 2019 – Vail Valley Charitable Fund is pleased to announce it has received a $16,500 grant from the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation. These funds will support the Eagle County Smiles oral health program.

Eagle County Smiles provides oral health care access for uninsured children in Eagle County. The program’s inception began in 2010 and has served over 600 children in our community since that time. Through grant funding, such as those provided from Rocky Mountain Health Foundation and numerous community partners, the Eagle County Smiles program addresses an on-going critical health need, provides comprehensive oral health services and establishes a dental home for children who would otherwise be without oral health care.

“We are honored to receive these funds from the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation, which will ultimately continue to provide dental services to children who need it most right here in the Vail Valley,” states Brooke Skjonsby, Vail Valley Charitable Fund Executive Director.

With the mission of improving the overall health of a community, Rocky Mountain Health Foundation serves 22 Western Slope counties. The Foundation addresses some of the Western Slope’s most pressing health needs, including access to healthcare, hunger, transportation to/from medical treatments, and integrated behavioral health.  More information can be found at

“We are thrilled to award grant funds to such an important organization like the Vail Valley Charitable Fund,” states Michaelle Smith, Rocky Mountain Health Foundation Executive Director. “Rocky Mountain Health Foundation prioritizes our funding around efforts that address critical needs and increase access to health for the underserved.  What a gift it is to work with Eagle County Smiles to make our community better.”

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund (VVCF) was created in 1996 to provide assistance to individuals who live and work in the Vail Valley who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a medical crisis or long-term illness. The VVCF has grown significantly over the past 23 years, having raised and distributed $8 million to over 1,600 families in our community.

Stars Align for Vail Valley Charities to Help Cerebral Palsy Patient

alejandro-vdn-060117-1"You'll fall, everyone does, and it'll hurt", said Alejandro Arreola. "Pick yourself up and keep moving forward." Arreola has battled cerebral palsy so long that he wore out his walker and wheelchair and was dragging himself around his home. Now, he can he get around and better see where he's going. They came up with a new electric wheelchair, a new walker and new glasses.

"I want to thank everyone for your kindness and efforts in getting me the most amazing gifts over the last four months," Arreola said. "In addition to standing and moving easier, I now can actually see where I'm going with my terrific new glasses."   Read more...

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund, Winner of Small Non-profit of the Year in 2015, Introduces the 2016 Finalists for the Category

In order to successfully run a small non-profit, you have to wear many hats. And some fit better than others.

Congratulations to the Education Foundation of Eagle County (EFEC) for winning small non-profit of the year at the 14th Annual Success Awards presented by the Vail Valley Partnership.

No Shirts Go to Waste

We love seeing the local clubs and teams wearing our event shirts. No shirts go to waste from our events -- any extras are given back into the community! Pictured here is the Cycle Effect and the Eagle Valley High School JV Track Team.

IMG_7383  IMG_0202

In the News #WheelsforJoshuaDSC_0008

By Randy Wyrick, Staff Writer for the Vail Daily
February 2017

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund coordinated a long list of local groups rallied to make sure Joshua Casillas has a safe ride to the doctor. Joshua suffers from severe cerebral palsy. The Casillas family needed a wheelchair conversion van, and this week they received one.   Read more...

Extra thanks to Swift Eagle Charitable Foundation, Eagle County Paramedic Services and the Gallegos Corporation.

Locals Take It All Off for Charity

By Tricia Swenson
November 2016

I have a lot of respect for those who have been featured in the Vail Undressed Calendars, a project of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. In fact, I have been in their shoes, or, I guess many weren't wearing shoes, but I do know the feeling.

I was asked by the Vail Valley Charitable Fund to participate in the 2005 Vail Undressed Calendar as the Ladies of Media for the month of February. I was told there would be five of us, so I figured safety in numbers (or at least more people to hide behind!) and agreed to drop everything for a good cause.   Read more...

20 Years of Aiding Locals

By Rohn Robbins
June 2016

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund will be 20 years old this September. In those 20 years, we have given grants in excess of $8 million and have aided more than 1,800 families in our community. We have helped your friends and neighbors, your loved ones, people you likely know and care about.   Read more...

Blessings in Times of Crisis

By Montana Nash
September 2011

Fifteen years ago, my family faced a large financial strain when my mom was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My name is Montana Nash and I am the daughter of Curt and Cindy Nash. Because I was only 2 years old, I don't remember much about that time. Now that I am older, I have learned about our experience from family members and friends. I know that my mom gave the utmost strength to battle that horrible disease and fight for every last moment of her life. I also know that community fundraisers gave our family the money that we needed to pay medical bills and give my mom the most fulfilling last months of life. Her experience made an impact on the individuals around her, several of whom consequently created The Vail Valley Charitable Fund to help others like my mom.   Read more...