Because the Vail Valley has one of the highest costs of living in the nation, a person with a medical crisis can quickly find himself or herself in a dire financial situation. Through a comprehensive application process, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund awards direct-aid grants to people who live and/or primarily work in the Vail Valley who are in need due to medical crisis. Applications are reviewed and recipients are determined on a monthly basis by the VVCF Board of Directors. These one-time grants can be up to $7,500, and may help an individual or family with medical or non-medical necessities. Typically, the Board prefers to use the grants to pay identified bills directly, such as mortgages, utilities and medical expenses.

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund gives preference to individuals who have exhibited personal responsibility but have fallen on hard times despite best efforts to protect themselves with health insurance, disability insurance, and other measures. The VVCF has helped many working people who don’t qualify for other types of aid. Considerations for grant-making include the applicants’:

  1. personal attempts at reducing/addressing their financial crisis
  2. length of residence in the valley
  3. involvement in the community
  4. employment history
  5. severity of illness

Grants may help cover living expenses, loss of income, family and dependent support, medical expenses, and non-medical necessities.

The VVCF does not fund elective procedures, non-critical procedures, or funerals.

The VVCF recognizes than in many circumstances, $7,500 does not cover the enormous need that some families face while battling a life-threatening illness. Through our community-based fundraising program, volunteers help the VVCF raise money for our general fund so we have resources to grant larger sums to locals with extensive needs. If you are interested in learning more about our community-based fundraising program, please review our Community-Based Fundraising Overview and Frequently Asked Questions and Application for Expanded Assistance.

*In all circumstances, the Board will make a final determination of the amount granted. Should the amount raised exceed the articulated need, the Board will make a final determination as to its disposition.