In 1996, a young wife and mother was sick.  She had been diagnosed with cancer.  Her name was Cindy.  She and her husband, Curt, were well known and well- loved in our community.  They had a beautiful toddler named Montana.

When her friends learned that she was ill, a group quickly came together.  Although modern medicine promised Cindy little, we were determined to help in any way we could.  And so we got to work.

On little more than hope and a prayer, I contacted the national touring company of Ms. Saigon. When I asked, the cast said “yes”; they would come and perform for us.  The show sold out.  The silent auction sold out.  The night was simply magical.

It was our beginning.

Although we couldn’t save Cindy, we still offered something special.  We gave her the gift of time with her family.  We showed her the love of a community.  We helped ease the family’s financial burden.  We added to her store of faith and hope.

In the 28 years since Cindy’s passing, Montana has grown into a beautiful and special young woman, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund has awarded more than 2,100 grants to members of our community, and $9.4 Million has gone to help ease our neighbor’s burdens.

The VVCF’s logo is a heart rising over the mountains which we think is apt.  It is, after all, “all about heart.”

-Rohn K. Robbins, Founder/Chair, VVCF