The Vail Breast Cancer Group’s mission is to help ease the financial and emotional burdens endured by those women in Eagle County who are battling breast cancer.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

September 29, 2021 — We’ll use this opportunity to encourage prevention and bring awareness of our Vail Breast Cancer Group (VBCG) program. VBCG has been serving up comforts for 27 years and fits in nicely with the Vail Valley Charitable Fund’s mission to provide direct aid to community members facing a medical crisis. 

Did you know? 

63% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed at a localized stage (there is no sign that cancer has spread outside of the breast), for which the 5-year survival rate is 99% – thus, early detection is essential. Encourage your loved ones to have regular mammograms.

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund and Vail Breast Cancer Group join forces to provide enhanced assistance to Vail Valley locals.

February 13, 2020 — After 25 years of operating as an independent non-profit, the Vail Breast Cancer Group (VBCG) will now continue under the wing of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund.

The VBCG’s mission is to help all men and women in Eagle County who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and they’ve been successfully doing so for a quarter of a century. Their efforts have included providing those diagnosed with a $500 check for a “Day-to-Play” as well as the gift of a “Shine On Bag” filled with comforting items such as a robe, book and several products to encourage the healing process. Over the years, the VBCG has donated over $1 million to Vail Health for much of the diagnostic equipment used at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center, sponsored Hike, Wine and Dine numerous times to support Jack’s Place, and financially assisted many who have been unable to pay for diagnostic tests and/or additional treatment. The VBCG also made a substantial donation to the building fund for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

“When Patti Weinstein and I founded the VBCG, we chose to keep the money raised to help only those in Eagle County,” said Brenda Himelfarb, VBCG Chair/Co-Founder. “It was very important to us that the money stay locally to support our neighbors in their time of need. In fact, the entire volunteer board functions collaboratively with no paid executive director.”

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund (VVCF) was created in 1996 to provide assistance to individuals who live and work in the Vail Valley who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a medical crisis or long-term illness. Over the past 24 years, the organization has grown significantly having raised and distributed $8.2 million to over 1,700 families in our community. On average, the VVCF provides 50 individuals and families each year with assistance to help make ends meet while undergoing treatment or recovery from a range of medical conditions. Also beneath the VVCF umbrella is Eagle County Smiles, a program that provides low- to no-cost dental care for uninsured children aged birth through 18.

“The mission of the VBCG to help locals in need syncs perfectly with the goals and direction of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund,” said VVCF Founder and Chair Rohn Robbins. “Over the last 24 years, we have been provided a substantial assistance to those in our community who have found themselves in financial stress owing to a serious medical condition. The VBCG joining forces with the VVCF will permit us to expand our granting to breast cancer patients in need in our community. We look forward to this great and productive association.”

For more information, please contact VVCF Executive Director Brooke Skjonsby at or 970-524-1480.